My painting -project

As my bachelor diploma work from Tampere University of Applied Sciences I completed Oma taulu (My painting, 2012), an interactive painting project. In Oma taulu -project I study painting as a process, an object and a tool of communal art. I searched for the eight strangers as participants for the project with the following ad:

Take part in my diploma work and you will get a painting to yourself for free!

I am a Fine Art graduate from Tampere University of Applied Sciences and as my bachelor diploma work I am completing an interactive painting project called Oma taulu (My painting).
You have a great chance to participate to the project by sending a photo to be used as a starting point for a painting –when it’s ready, you will get the painting to yourself for free! The style, the technique and the size of the painting will be a surprise!

This is how you proceed:

– Send a copy of the photo you chose via email.
– Write why you chose this particular photo. Keep the text to yourself.
– Wait for an invitation to see the painting when it’s finished.
– When you come to see the painting, bring the text with you. We will meet and discuss about the text and the painting. The discussion is to be recorded as part of the final art work.
– The painting, your text and our recorded discussion will all be presented our graduate exhibition.
-You will have the painting to yourself after the exhibition!


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